Rap artist Tee Grizzley is proving there’s profit in playing video games. The Detroit native recently sat down with the hosts Gillie Da King and Wallo267 of the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast to discuss how he makes money outside of rap.

In Sunday’s episode (July 17), Grizzley revealed he pays people around $25,000 per month to play video games. In case you were wondering, the things you can buy with that include: a car, a Rolex, more video games. Or you could pay off debts, go on an extravagant vacation — you name it. The “First Day Out” rapper shared that he’s even created his own platform, Grizzley World, that allows video game aficionados to play games like Grand Theft Auto V with customizable options. It does cost to join the platform, which is how Grizzley secures his extra income.

It represents the trenches, so you can really be in the streets without having to really be in the streets,” the artist said. He spoke about how his world of gaming can keep youth off of the streets. “I got a lot of niggas that’s really from the trenches that got a PC, now they ain’t in the streets no more. Now they making $20-25,000 a month playing this shit.” It seems memberships start at $100, but the outcome is far greater. He continued, “I get paid from the server because you gotta pay to get in. We got like 90,000 members … Then you got sponsorship, you got ads … When these people do pay the $100 up to $400 a month, they turn around and start making $20[K] a month … That made a lot of people say, ‘I ain’t fucking with that shit no more. This my full-time job now.’” This earns him around $200,000 per month, according to XXL.

Although Grizzley reportedly makes just as much money with video games as he does rapping, he promises to keep delivering music to his fans. “I got people who really support me, and I got people who my music really do something for and really just fuck with my shit, so just off the strength of them, I’ll never stop doing it,” he said.