After countless rumors that Desus and Mero’s friendship might be on the rocks spread all across Twitter on Monday (July 18), Showtime has announced that the pair’s show will not return for a new season.

“The illustrious @desusnice and @thekidmero will be pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward,” read a tweet from the network announcing the shocking news. “It’s been a good run, fam.”

For the past four seasons, the pair has carved their own lane in the late night space and the final episode of the show aired on June 23.

“Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have made a name for themselves in comedy and in the late-night space as quick-witted cultural commentators,” said a spokesperson for Showtime in an official statement shared, as reported by Deadline. Throughout its run, the series won a WGA Award, received Critics’ Choice nominations and scored interviews with President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, Derek Jeter, Missy Elliott, Denzel Washington, Charlize Theron, David Letterman, Yo-Yo Ma and many more. They have been brilliant hosts, and we wish them the best, along with the team at Jax Media and the incredible crew.”

The Showtime series was launched in 2019, however, this is their third show installment since the year 2014. Additionally, they have produced more than 250 episodes of their “Bodega Boys” podcast show.

In 2020, when their late-night show went from Monday to Sunday nights, Mero opened up about their friendship, and the bond that they built over the years of knowing one another and working together on their projects.

“We have a soul connection. We could finish each other’s sentences. Like, if he’s on Mars and I’m on Jupiter, but we have a strong Wi-Fi connection, it doesn’t matter,” he shared. “The physical closeness helps with physical comedy, but like, jokes hit no matter what.”