It seems as though Brandy has come to terms with her brother Ray J inking the singer’s face on his leg.

The “Put It Down” songstress and fans were taken aback earlier this month when Ray J revealed he inked an artsy portrait of his sister on his thigh. For many, seeing Brandy with bloodshot eyes and words written across her face was off-putting. “I understand it [now]. I was like, ‘Ray, it could have been a different tattoo,” said Brandy while speaking with TMZ.

Brandy, however, has since accepted that every aspect of the tattoo was intentional. “It was meant to be that way. It’s like a Basquiat type style,” she said on Friday (July 15). She continued, “I didn’t understand it at first, I’ma be honest. But then he [Ray J] explained it to me and showed me the tattoo artist’s page and it was amazing.”

The singer-actress went on to share that she too has plans to honor her brother with some new ink of her own. “Not like that,” Brandy said making reference to her brother’s tattoo. She added, instead she would get “his name. Keep it simple, maybe the back of my ear.”

The artist behind Ray J’s new ink is Mashkow. As it turns out, the bloodshot eyes and words written across the face is his signature style. As previously reported by REVOLT, Ray J said his sister was initially “uneasy” with his homage to their sibling bond. The “Sexy Can I” singer said, “I love my sister. She didn’t like that tattoo either. She was a little worried. It’s growing on me. But when you see my whole leg you’ll understand, I mean the whole leg down to the ankle.”

The “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” alum added that he plans to ink an entire leg sleeve with scripture, positive words, music, love, family and ghosts. His best friend and sibling just happens to be the first to have their face tatted on his body.