Ahead of The Weeknd’s big show in his hometown tonight, fellow musician and peer Drake is singing his praises.

The pair has a long history, especially since they both hail from Toronto, Canada, also affectionately known as “The 6.” Soon after working alongside Drake for his 2011 sophomore album, Take Care, The Weeknd’s rise as a global superstar began.

Drake took to social media to reminisce about the first time he was introduced to The Weeknd’s music courtesy of his longtime friend and manager, Oliver El-Khatib.

“Ok, look, this right here, this little driveway area right here, this the first place that I ever heard The Weeknd’s music right here,” said Drake in the video shared via his Instagram story. “Shoutout to Oliver, of course, my brother. Oliver played me The Weeknd right here. This my old building in Toronto. We were parked out here.”

The Weeknd’s “After Hours Til Dawn Tour” kicks off tonight (July 8) where it all started… in Toronto. It is a highly anticipated event, and despite some setbacks, including delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, eager fans can expect to see The Weeknd do his thing in his hometown in less than 24 hours.

“It was raining right here, and that same guy is selling out the SkyDome tomorrow. Not the Rogers Centre ’cause we just still call it the SkyDome, but that man is selling out the SkyDome tomorrow,” Drake continued in the video. “So I just want anybody that’s trying to do this shit to understand, like, I heard this man’s music right here for the first time in pouring rain. It’s a great life.”

The show comes on the heels of Drake’s surprise appearance alongside The Backstreet Boys during their set in Toronto last weekend. Now, eager fans hope that he’ll do the same for The Weeknd tonight.