Today (July 8), Top Dawg Entertainment’s secret weapon Doechii is back again to deliver her brand new single, “Bitch I’m Nice.” The freshly released track follows closely behind her two current singles that are in heavy rotation, “Persuasive” and “Crazy.” On her new “Bitch I’m Nice” track, Doechii slides over some co-production courtesy of Kal Banx, Diego Ave, Bankroll Got It, and Go Grizzly:

N***as sellin’ dreams to buy me a new jet, Cartier drippin’, I’m flexin’ that new wet/ I be rollin’ through the hood to buy me a new set and we sit in foreign cars, you sittin’ on new deck/ No sweat, I’m the heavyweight champ, whaddup? When I bring the coke out, white girls cut up/ When I walk up in the room, every boy shut up ’cause they know my n***as zoom and they cut the run out

Bitch, I’m nice, got a bitch clean that bite, that n***a might got racks but he ain’t my type/ I’m the best thing in your lifе know this pussy good and it purr but it still got bite/ Come through, dubbin’ on sight, yeah

Back in March, TDE officially announced the signing of Doechii and she has been making headlines ever since. The Tampa artist stole the spotlight at the BET Awards last month with a jaw-dropping performance of both “Persuasive” and “Crazy.” She also recently hit the stage at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to show off her performance skills there as well. Prior to this, Doechii has been busy building up her fanbase with EPs like 2020’s Oh the Places You’ll Go and 2021’s BRA-LESS. More recently, she joined labelmate Isaiah Rashad for his “Wat U Sed” single.

Be sure to press play on Doechii’s brand new single “Bitch I’m Nice” down below.