Yesterday (July 6), Robert Crimo Jr., the father of accused Highland Park gunman Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, spoke exclusively with the New York Post about his son. As previously reported by REVOLT, Crimo III allegedly killed seven people and injured dozens of others in a mass shooting during a Fourth of July parade in Illinois.

Authorities say the suspect stationed himself on the roof of a nearby building and shot into the crowd using a rifle. The 21-year-old reportedly escaped by disguising himself as a woman. “He blended right in with everybody else as they were running around — almost as if he was an innocent spectator as well,” Chris Covelli, a spokesperson for the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force shared.

Sources say Crimo Jr. helped his son legally obtain the weapon a couple of years before the horrific incident. Although Crimo III had no criminal record, in 2019 he supposedly told relatives he wanted to kill himself. That same year, documents state police were called to the family’s home after Crimo III threatened to “kill everyone” in his family. Officials removed 16 knives including a sword and a dagger from the residence.

In yesterday’s interview with the New York Post, Crimo Jr. called his son’s threat to murder the entire family a “childish outburst.” He insisted that the knives were “just a collection.” Crimo Jr. continued, “You know, I used to collect coins and baseball cards.”

There are also reports of Crimo III posting music videos online that depicted mass shootings. His dad remains adamant that he never saw signs his son would carry out the deadly attack. “I talked to him 13 hours before [Monday’s massacre]. That’s why I guess I’m in such shock. … Like, did he have a psychiatric break or something?” the father said. “They make me like I groomed him to do all this. I’ve been here my whole life, and I’m gonna stay here, hold my head up high, because I didn’t do anything wrong,” he added. Crimo Jr. did say he wants “a long sentence” for his son. “You know you have consequences for actions. He made a choice. He didn’t have to do that,” the father said.