Bobby Schmurda hopes that the uptick of violence in the music industry is a reminder to up-and-coming acts that life is precious. The rapper who burst onto the scene almost a decade ago with his record “Hot Nigga,” recently said he is now on a mission to spread positivity.

“It’s important for all the young guys to know out here, life is very serious,” said Schmurda, 27, while catching up with TMZ. Speaking on the recent shooting of Bronx rapper Lil Tjay, Schmurda said it is difficult for many artists to shake the hard exterior fostered by their tough upbringings. “I come from where they come from, so every chance you get? You gotta smile,” he said. He continued, “Every chance you get, spread positivity cause muthafuckas might be having a negative day.”

Lil Tjay was shot during botched armed robbery in New Jersey over a week ago (June 22). He suffered injuries in the area of his neck. The wounds were deemed critical and required emergency surgery. Though initial reports of his condition seemed bleak, the rapper made a turn for the better a few days ago. As previously reported by REVOLT, the rapper is alert, talking, and no longer requires a breathing tube. Like countless others, Schmurda said he is praying the “Ruthless” rapper makes a full recovery. As for what a new normal could look like for the injured rapper, Schmurda said he has no idea. Noting that coming from an environment where surviving is the priority, it does not foster much normalcy.

“They don’t know how to go about shit, you know? When we come from where we come from, we ain’t never normal,” he said. Rap has recently come under scrutiny. In New York, drill rap has been labeled the cause of rising crime rates by politicians. In courtrooms, lyrics are being used to incriminate artists such as Gunna and Young Thug.