A lot of artists found it difficult to record or even be inspired during the COVID-19 pandemic. This however, wasn’t the case for Dr. Dre. Usually, Dre can be found in the studio with a plethora of artists working on musical magic. His resume is extensive, and he’s worked with everyone from Eminem to Mary J. Blige.

Within days after suffering a brain aneurysm in January 2021, Dre was back at work with frequent Aftermath Entertainment producer Dem Jointz and The D.O.C., proving he was ready to get back to the music. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Dre was locked in and recording. In a recent video on Instagram, Dre tells rapper Busta Rhymes he recorded a total of 247 songs during the pandemic.

“[I did] 247 songs during the pandemic, and then we paused, did a whole album with Marsha Ambrosius — that’s fucking nutso, that’s crazy,” he said. “Then we came back … what did we do after that? Oh, I did the Grand Theft Auto shit and now we working on my nigga Snoop. We two days in right now, we got, what, six bangers done? So, I don’t know. I wanna finish this shit and then um…,” Dre pauses. “And then start Busta Rhymes,” Busta jokingly chimed in.

Busta Rhymes definitely seemed excited for what he and Dre may be working on next. The two first collaborated back in 2001 on Busta’s Genius album. Since then, the two artists have collaborated on countless projects, including Busta’s “Don’t Get Carried Away” featuring Nas, “Legend Of The Falls Offs” and “Break Ya Neck.” Fans have been patiently waiting for some new Dr. Dre heat. With almost 250 songs in his chamber, hip hop fanatics might just get what they’re hoping for.