A 10-second clip of Cam’ron and J. Cole in the studio has fans hoping a collaboration is on the way. Cam’ron has been quite busy with his new home makeover show “Hip Hop My House” on Paramount+ but that doesn’t mean music has taken a backseat.

On Thursday (June 23), the Dipset rapper found himself taking over MTV’s Instagram Stories to promote his new show. Cam had the entire day planned out and presumably some surprises like when he and J. Cole hit the studio. The two rappers stood side-by-side as Cam’ron switched the camera back and forth between them saying it’s “almost time.”

Not much was said in the clip and there hasn’t been any solid information from either artist as to what they were actually doing in the studio. But, it’s certainly enough to get fans talking and creating their own opinions of what could be in the works. This wouldn’t be the first time the two artists worked together. On J. Cole’s The Off-Season Cam laid down the energetic opening to “95. south” which kicked off an incredible start to the album.

Cam may be busy venturing into the world of TV but he can still lay down a track. Whether it’s a charismatic spoken intro or him rapping over an instrumental, Cam will still drop a bar or two. He recently did just that on R&B legend Natalie Cole’s 1975 cut “This Will Be (An everlasting Love).”

After one of his friends made a bet that he couldn’t rap over the aforementioned song, Cam accepted the challenge and posted the video to his Instagram back in March. Cam flows effortlessly over the upbeat song with swag that only Cam’ron can pull off.