Back in February, Ace Hood shared his M.I.N.D. project, which was equipped with 10 introspective tracks. He has since dropped off accompanying visuals like “At War” and “Greatness” featuring Killer Mike. This week, the Florida-raised rapper returns with a brand new single titled “Energy.” The freshly released song switches up the pace and shows off a more quick flow:

Blessed and abundant in the dungeon, still come through with a clutch and I’m that dime in a dozen/ Pulling up clean to the function, n***as mislead with assumptions, gotta stay clean from the grudges/ N***as getting way to comfy, hands up the king is here, my arrival is right on time and if you do not mind I’d like a glass of wine

I’m with a queen finna get offline, wait scratch that, I’m fly like the jet-lag, I’m proof and a fact that you can rise from the setback/ No room for the chit-chat with a flow like this shit hit with a impact

Prior to M.I.N.D., Ace Hood released his fifth studio album Mr. Hood, his first official album since parting ways with We The Best. The project saw 14 high quality tracks and additional appearances from Jacquees, Alexdynamix, OZ, and Slim Diesel.

In a recent interview with REVOLT, Ace Hood fans got to know him a bit better as he took some time to delve deep into his financial literacy journey:

“My first investment was myself, honestly. That was really my very first investment. It started while I was in Dollaz N Dealz back in Deerfield. Obviously, we had our label thing happening but at that particular time, I felt that I could do something greater. I’ve always had large dreams being from such a small city, so financial literacy was huge. My first investment was myself, understanding that I am a business. Starting my LLC years ago, stepping into that business mindframe, trying to do right by my money.”

Be sure to press play on Ace Hood’s brand new visualizer for “Energy” down below.