As the country continues to mourn the lives lost during the Uvalde mass shooting last month, people have paid their respects by visiting the makeshift memorial at Robb Elementary School, which is where the tragic event took place. However, new developments claim the school is going to be demolished following the traumatic impact of the shooting.

Mayor Don McLaughlin spoke in a council meeting in Uvalde on Tuesday (June 21) that it was his “understanding” that Robb elementary school would be razed. A new school is to be built for its students and there is no confirmation yet about when the demolition and rebuild will take place.

My understanding – and I had this discussion with the [school district] superintendent – is that school will be demolished. You can never ask a child to go back, or teacher to go back, in that school ever,” McLaughlin said.

Robb Elementary will not be the first school to be demolished after a tragic event, as Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut was destroyed after the 2012 shooting. A new school was built on the same land.

In related news, NPR previously reported that Steve McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, believes the shooting could have been “stopped in minutes.” A still from the surveillance video footage — from 19 minutes after the gunman started shooting — was reviewed by the Austin American-Statesman and appears to show multiple officers armed with at least one ballistic shield and rifles.

“Investigators really believe at this point, based on my understanding, that that was certainly enough firepower to try and take on the gunman,” Austin American-Statesman reporter Tony Plohetski told NBA News.

Since then, more officials have chimed in about how things could have gone differently. “Whether you have the equipment or not, you just go in, and that never happened here,” Texas state Sen. Roland Gutierrez told MSNBC.