Yung Miami went on Instagram Live today (June 11) to clarify what “being single but going together” means after a few people had negative things to say about her sit down with Diddy on her new series “Caresha Please.”

“You can definitely be single but go with somebody like you know what that means? Let me tell ya’ll what that means. That mean [that mean] we single right? So when I do single shit, we single. That’s what that mean but we go together,” the Yung Miami — one half of City Girls explained.

She continued, “Ya’ll always in the comments saying don’t do this and don’t do .. don’t tell me what the fuck to do cause I’m living my best mother fucking life. I don’t need no relationship advice from nobody cause ya’ll bitches ain’t married neither. Ya’ll bitches ain’t been together with y’all man.”

At one point during the episode that aired on Thursday (June 9), Yung Miami asks the Entrepreneur and Rapper Diddy about his relationship status which sparked controversy. Didn’t responds with “I’m single, but I’m dating.” She followed up with her now-signature line, “So what we is”. To this Diddy adds, “We date. We’re dating. We go have dates, we’re friends,” concluding, “We go to exotic locations, we have great times. We go to strip clubs. Church.”

Yung Miami decided to address Diddy’s remarks saying, “You single, but we go together. So how would you feel if I be telling people that I’m single cause we go together?” Right after they shared a laugh together, Yung Miami later made it clear it was no laughing matter to her. Diddy says, “Hold on,” to which Yung Miami adds, “It ain’t no hold on.” Diddy then asked, “We go together now?” To this Miami says “Real bad.” Diddy seems to agree with her saying, “Whatever you say” and the City Girl answers, “I like that.”

As previously shared by REVOLT, the new series Yung Miami whose real name is Caresha Brownlee and will include “real, raw and uncut conversations with the biggest names in the game.”

Episode one of “Caresha Please” is now available for streaming via the REVOLT app. You can also check it out below: