This news might put an end to all of those “dinner with JAY-Z” arguments.

The rap legend turned businessman has joined forces with former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to launch The Bitcoin Academy, a program designed to teach the power of cryptocurrency.

It will be exclusive to residents of Marcy Houses located in Brooklyn, New York – the same place responsible for JAY-Z’s upbringing.

Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter shared the news via Twitter and stated that the program’s goal “is to provide people tools to build independence for themselves and then the community around them.”

According to the website, The Bitcoin Academy will equip Marcy residents with Bitcoin education classes, courtesy of Crypto Blockchain Plug and Black Bitcoin Billionaire, and “aims to provide education and empower the community with knowledge.”

“The vision for Bitcoin is that it doesn’t have barriers, but lack of access to financial education is a barrier,” said a mission statement from the company. “It’s still hard to use for everyday necessities. Plus, people need devices and data plans.”

With an initial focus on Marcy Houses, the program eventually hopes to expand to other neighborhoods in the near future.

Residents have the option to attend classes virtually or in person starting June 22. Courses will run until Sept. 7.

Classes will be led by Black Bitcoin Billionaire Founder Lamar Wilson and Crypto Exchange Founder Najah J. Roberts. Both will teach courses about how Bitcoin works, its importance, and ways the cryptocurrency can be used to build a financial future.

Not only are the classes completely free for residents, but participants in the Bitcoin Academy will receive MiFi devices along with a one-year limited data plan. In addition to that, those attending have the opportunity to receive a smartphone, if needed, and will be able to hold on to all devices once the program ends.