This past weekend, Post Malone was the performance guest on the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live,” which marked the singer’s first time ever on that stage. In promotion of his forthcoming album Twelve Carat Toothache, the Texas star delivered a dope rendition of his latest single “Cooped Up,” complete with some support from the song’s feature Roddy Ricch. He also later connected with Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold and a choir to debut a new single titled “Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol,” which sees him recounting a night gone bad following some heavy drinking — something that many of us can probably relate to:

I was laid out flat like a centerfold, Jakey and his partner drove me home, lookin’ in thе mirror, something’s wrong, let me gеt my dentist on the phone, found my kеys and I went back out, someone asked me how it all went down, but I remember like it’s yesterday, I took a shot, took a shot, took a shot, took another shot, fell right out my fuckin’ chair, swinging for his eye, then a big chrome ring flew in from the side, I thought I died…”

As with previous guests, Malone also participated in a couple of the show’s skits, including a pre-taped segment titled “Intuition” that also starred Selena Gomez, Chris Redd, and Punkie Johnson. Breaking out into a trap song, Malone and Johnson appear as different versions of insecurity and jealousy, leading to increasing levels of chaos (and humor) throughout.

Post Malone first announced Twelve Carat Toothache in an interview with Billboard, where he also spoke on having to rediscover himself during the album’s creation:

There was a switch that flipped, and it felt like I was making Stoney … I lost that, and the hardest part is getting it back. It ebbs and flows. It’s figuring out: ‘Just because I’m not inspired to do it at the moment doesn’t mean I’m giving up.'”

Check out Post Malone‘s “SNL” performances (and the aforementioned skits) below.