Lil Durk paused a recent show to make it clear that he does not tolerate domestic violence of any sorts.

During a recent stop on his 7220 Tour in Connecticut, the Chicago native abruptly stopped the show after noticing an altercation occurring within the crowd.

“I just seen the most craziest shit in the crowd man,” said the “Dis Aint What U Want” emcee in the middle of his performance. “I just seen a nigga tryna fight a girl man. Slow down bro, you know? Where he at? Where he at who just tried to fight a girl man?”

Just minutes after searching for the person, Durk was able to make eye contact with him and continued to call him out while onstage.

“Aye bro, why you tryna fight girls bro?” he asked. “I should come over there and fuck you up. Yeah. We really like that for sure. I’d make your ass apologize right now. Deadass and you a hoe. You a hoe.”

This is not the first time that Durk has paused one of his shows to address something going on in the crowd.Recently he made another mid-performance halt after he believed that someone had passed out at his show in Phoenix, Arizona.

It turns out that the situation was a bit more bizarre than someone losing conscious.

“Somebody passed out?” is the question Durk posed to the crowd. “Huh? She pissed? She peed? what the fuck? I heard everything, but I ain’t never heard that shit, man. I don’t know what to do in this situation.”

This time, Durk may have gotten the incident all wrong again. After the video of him calling out the man for allegedly attempting to put his hands on a woman made its way to The Shade Room, a man who claims that he was the alleged perpetrator hopped into the comments to clear his name.

According to the man, he was simply trying to protect the woman from getting jumped.