New York City’s famed DJ Funkmaster Flex
finally received an office at the company he has worked at for nearly 30 years.

Flex took to Instagram this week to share that WGHT Hot 97 radio station blessed him with his own space after all these years. The energetic, often amped-up disc jockey implied that he’s been confined to the DJ booth for all these years.

“I finally got an office,” Flex says in the Instagram Stories video. “I’mma bring my turntables in here, my vinyl up here. Oh yeah, this is going to be interesting.”

Within the visual, Flex tags Hot 97’s Director of Programming Pio Ferro, and its new President/COO Bradford Tobin. “Thanks again,” Flex wrote.

Many fans were surprised to learn that the legendary DJ didn’t have an office at his workplace. The moment, however, appears to have sent Flex down memory lane as he reminisced about his storied career on Instagram Saturday (April 23) morning.

Flex shared that he received his first job on the radio at WBLS in 1990. He stated DJ Chuck Chillout gave him the job when he was “cooking on the grill and washing dishes.”

He was apparently fired by the station’s program director a year later, perhaps because he says others felt he wasn’t as “nice” as Kid Capri on the mic. and not as good as DJ Clark Kent on the set.

In 1992, Flex stated DJ Red Alert gave him a job at Kiss FM during a time he said no one else would hire him. A year later, Flex wrote that he started at Hot 97 to do a two-hour mix show during the late-night shift. He confirmed in a comment beneath the post that he actually started at the station circa November 1992.

After years of blessing the airwaves at the station “Where hip-hop lives,” Flex wrote that he’s “just appreciative of the opportunities” he’s been given. “[I] never cared what the next man had/has,” he stated.

Congratulations to Funk Flex for getting an office at HOT 97. Check out the video of his new workspace below: