Bobby Shmurda’s label woes continue. After the news that his first independent release is underway, the rapper sheds more light on the complicated relationship between him and Epic Records.

The 27-year-old took to Instagram to express his excitement for fans to hear his new music and even says that he has “been dying” for eager listeners to “get this work.”

After one comment that suggested that his announced release date of April 29 was too soon and suggestions for him to push the date back to make way for marketing, Bobby shared exactly why he is so adamant about releasing music as quickly as possible.

“I got major labels jumping me blackballing me and shittttt and I’m from the hood young and rich black as shit,” wrote the “Bobby Bitch” lyricist. “I’m only 27 one year fresh outta six years they got 400 employees tell them boys stop playing me homieee and I do no marketing that all my shit natural ahhhhh.”

While it’s unclear who exactly Bobby is referring to, the comments come just weeks after his announcement that the release papers to be removed from the label’s roster had officially been signed.

“This is not a cry for help this is a message and understanding for my fans that they stopping my music and prolonging my career and I been holding shit down doing everything on my own since I been home it’s been ah year now I still feel like I’m in prison,” Bobby previously shared on Instagram. “And by the way the album’s done ready to live pleaseeeeeeeee I need them to let me gooooooooo!!! #FreeShmurda”

Now, it looks like an highly anticipated project from the New York emcee is finally underway with plans to drop music as early as next week. The newly independent release will be titled “They Don’t Know.”