The man behind the subway shooting in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood has been charged and held without bail, according to a report from USA Today.

Frank R. James appeared in a Brooklyn court on Thursday (April 14), where he was indicted on one count of violating a law prohibiting terrorist and other violent attacks against a mass transportation system. He faces life in prison if convicted of the crime.

As reported by REVOLT, James is believed to be the man who wore a gas mask, an orange work coat and a yellow construction hat while throwing explosives and opening fire on a Manhattan-bound N Train on Tuesday (April 12). The incident injured 29 people and appears to be “entirely premeditated,” according to U.S. Attorney Sara Winik. In a letter written before the hearing, she alleged that James rented a U-Haul from Philadelphia and “came to Brooklyn prepared with all of the weapons and tools he needed to carry out the mass attack.” He was at large for more than 24 hours before he was taken into custody.

Per authorities, James, who has a history of misdemeanor arrests and was previously charged with terroristic threats, got wind of the fact that he was wanted and called the NYPD to turn himself in. He was located and arrested without incident.

“We hope this arrest brings some solace to the victims and the people of the city of New York,” NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said. “We used every resource at our disposal to gather and process significant evidence that directly links Mr. James to the shooting. We were able to shrink his world quickly. There was nowhere left for him to run.”

The motive for James’ shooting remains unclear.

At the brief hearing on Thursday, James was held on a permanent order of detention. He failed to enter a plea, noting he understood the charges against him.