In this case, being a rapper’s doppelgänger might come with some pretty good benefits. Lil Durk has announced that his lookalike will appear in a new music video.

Fans went into an uproar after a fake Lil Durk appeared in a Broward County, Florida mall on April 7 sporting the Chicago rapper’s signature blond dreads with a blue bubble coat and snapback to match. With a play on the rapper’s Smurk nickname, the lookalike refers to himself as Shmurkioo.

The moment, which went viral, managed to get in front of the “What Happened To Virgil” emcee who took to social media to share his plans to have his new twin star in an upcoming video.

Earlier in the week, the rapper reposted a viral TikTok where the young man and a woman put on their best impersonation of Durk and his fiancée, India Royale . His “Difference Is” track served as the track for the video.

Not only was that seemingly a co-sign for the imposter, but Durk has even given him his very own personal nickname ahead of the upcoming music video appearance

“PERKIO shooting block list with the real Jerry… might be the biggest ish 2022,” the rapper captioned an Instagram video with clips from the unreleased music video.

Fellow rappers and peers Lil Baby and Swae Lee left their stamp of approval for the new nickname in the comments. Fans also expressed their love for seeing a lighter side of the 7220 rapper and were thrilled to see him give Shmurkioo more exposure.

His twin is seen arguing with a love interest who ultimately hits him upside the head with a drinking glass in the video.

There’s no set date on when the music video will come out, but until then, it looks like Shmurkioo has the green light to continue his Durk cosplay shenanigans.