The NYPD has reported that 63-year-old Frank James is a person of interest in the shooting that injured 29 people early Tuesday morning (April 12).

Brooklyn subway riders on the N train were shot at the 36th street and 4th avenue stop in Sunset Park. The train was heading uptown from Brooklyn into Manhattan, going right into the heart of Midtown. Police say the suspect was wearing a gas mask and construction vest. He tossed a smoke-canister into the subway car before opening fire. Riders ran away from the train in panic as the scene unfolded.

The shooting took place around 8:30 A.M. during the morning rush hour commute with parents taking their children to school and people going to work. There was a huge rush to get out of the station and towards safety.

The updated victim count stands at 29. People have been taken to multiple medical facilities, with all reported in stable condition. Ten of the victims have been released. Injuries range from smoke inhalation to gunshot wounds.

Numerous items were left behind by the gunman, including a gun recovered at the scene, ammunition, a bag with other smoke canisters, a hatchet and fireworks. There was an issue with surveillance video, which has reportedly been broken since Friday. Authorities are currently looking for a U-Haul van tied to the incident. They say James rented the truck in Philadelphia and recovered the key at the scene.

There has been a growing amount of scrutiny over the subway system in New York in light of recent incidents. Some user-generated video of the incident has been posted to social media. A hazy scene on the subway tunnel and people grabbing their blood-soaked clothing were shown.

The horror on the train could have been much worse. Fortunately, the gunman’s weapon jammed. There is a 50,000 reward for more information on James. Anyone with information is urged to call 800-577-TIPS.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell delivered remarks on the incident. Adams was sworn in this year on a campaign to combat gun violence, crime, and homelessness in subways.