And just like that, Lil Nas X, 22, has redeemed himself at tonight’s Grammys from his April Fools Day prank claiming to bring Rihanna out of retirement.

With Lil Nas X wearing a very Micheal Jackson-esq ensemble, he and Jack Harlow gave a crowd-pleasing performance of their No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 song, “Industry Baby.” While walking the red carpet, Harlow was asked if he could give details on tonight’s performance but declined because he felt it wasn’t his place to give any clues and credited the vision to Lil Nas X. Once on stage, the two enjoyed a few choreographed moments on stage as the both looked suave in all black

The “Industry Baby” music video — which has racked up over 320 million views on YouTube and counting since its July 2021 release — begins with Lil Nas X being sentenced to 5 years in Montero state prison. The video goes on to show the fit physique of the singer shining his “couple Grammys.” Tonight the song is up for Best Melodic Rap Performance.

Before taking on their hit song, Lil Nas X called out critics who had negative things to say about his “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” song — ironically that track is nominated for Best Music Video. The music video displayed some major self-love as all of the charters were different versions of Lil Nas X. The video did however raise quite a few eyebrows when “Montero” slid down a pole into hell and then gave a lap dance to Satan.

On the eve of music’s biggest night, Lil Nas X warned, “if i don’t leave with grammys tomorrow i will be formally turning in my resignation letter to the illuminati,” via Twitter. We think it’s safe to say the “Old Town Road” singer will still be in great spirits no matter how the night goes.