Lauren London will always love Nipsey Hussle, and she’s making sure to let the world know. On March 31, the third commemoration of Nip’s tragic death, the actress wrote a simple yet heart-wrenching tribute in which she declared her unconditional love for her late partner.

“Loving You Here, There, Then, Now, Forever and After,” she penned alongside a photo of the L.A. rapper. “Long Live The King Ermias Asghedom, Hussle Man.”

London and Hussle reportedly dated for five years before he was tragically taken from the world. The emcee was shot and killed in the parking lot of his Marathon Clothing Store, forcing many, including London and their son Kross Ermias, to adjust to a new life in his absence.

“When you have this plan for your life, as you should, if or when that gets derailed, and you have plan B now to go off that you didn’t plan on, it is the ultimate test of surrender,” the actress told Jay Shetty of coping with Nip’s loss. “Because at the end of the day as much control as we think we have, we do not.”

She added that surrendering is a “very powerful” move that allows her to focus on her enlightenment. “It’s actually very powerful to surrender — we think that it’s a weakness, but it’s so much power in letting go and flowing with the river because life is going to do what it’s going to do,” she said. “We are all going to get chin-checked by life one way or another — so I might as well focus on my enlightenment and roll with the river and not fight with the rocks.”

Since Nip’s passing, London has returned to acting. She starred in Without Remorse alongside Michael B. Jordan, a role she took on with her children in mind. “We do have a purpose, all of us, and it’s important for my sons to see me moving forward with grief, not just curling up in a ball because I curled up in a ball for a long time,” she previously told Entertainment Tonight.

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