Last year was a big year for Bree Runway, who unveiled her latest body of work 2000AND4EVA in November. The EMI-backed release saw nine pop and R&B cuts, with additional assists from the legendary Missy Elliott, Yung Baby Tate, Maliibu Mitch, and Rico Nasty. Then, as the first follow-up since then, Bree dropped off her “Pressure” single earlier this month.

This week, she returns with a stunning new visual for her latest track “Somebody Like You.” The freshly released neon-lit clip showcases her star power through its dramatic and interpretive scenes that complement Bree Runway’s emotional lyrics:

Somewhere in the water in the darkness so far away there’s a piece of my dreams/ There’s fruits in the garden falling I’m bad for you but can you see through my deed? Don’t wanna wait till morning, hours don’t wanna wait too long, let’s dive in/ ‘Cause you are such a precious diamond imagine finding somebody like you somebody like you

Ah ah, chika, somebody like ah ah, chika, somebody like ah ah, chika, somebody like/ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh you’re the one that see through ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh/ Shine the light into the truth if I had another chance at life/ Baby, I would say yes and do this twice

Speaking about the track, Bree says: “An ode to my future lover, in a generation where love and relationships have become so transactional, I’m still preserving myself for the real thing. ‘Somebody like you’ he is also like me, he will see value in a love that can’t be bought, it simply just is. It can be such an empty, soulless generation but in all of that I am still sure there is a precious diamond in all the dirt for me.”

Be sure to press play on Bree Runway’s “Somebody Like You” music video down below.