After receiving much backlash for their lack of diversity when hiring minority coaches, among other issues, the NFL has announced that they will officially form a new committee to review policies.

The new and improved panel will feature a diverse committee made up of professionals from the academic world, business leaders such as former president and CEO of McDonald’s, Don Thompson, and Rick Smith, the former general manager of the Houston Texans. Tom Pelissero and Steve Wyche of the NFL Network broke the news of the announcement on Monday (March 28).

According to The Washington Post, the NFL will now require all teams to “have a minority coach in a key offensive role.”

The NFL consists of 32 teams, however, within that number, only five have minority head coaches.

In a statement released yesterday, the NFL said, “Today, the National Football League announced the creation of the NFL Diversity Advisory Committee, following its pledge last month to retain outside experts to review the league’s diversity policies and practices.”

The release went on to say, ”The six-member committee will lend its expert, external perspective on industry best practices and will evaluate league and club diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies and initiatives, including all hiring processes, policies and procedures, with a primary focus on senior-level coach and front office personnel positions.”

It’s almost hard to believe that a league made up of mostly minorities has to make plans to increase “diversity among ownership” as there are currently “no Black principal owners.”

Earlier this month, former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown made it known that he was interested in purchasing the Denver Broncos. Brown announced that he planned on acquiring the team by having Kanye West partner with him for the purchase. As for now, there is no further update on where he stands with that.

It appears we can look forward to progress being made, as the official NFL website says that more “diversity, equity and inclusion-related changes are expected before the January 2023 hiring cycle.”