Come April 8, Vince Staples will unveil his latest body of work and fifth studio LP Ramona Park Broke My Heart, which is led by the Mustard-assisted single “MAGIC.” Today (March 28), he adds to that with “ROSE STREET,” a Tommy Parker and SAINT MINO-produced offering that sees the Long Beach emcee rapping about women, his gang affiliations, and more:

“Baby, how you got that little bitch gettin’ you mad, got some shit you gotta deal with, pimp in my past, hate the bitch who hit the killswitch when it get bad, figure skating, takin’ field trips, flippin’ them racks, on the back street ten times ten on the dash, all gas no brakes ’cause I’m livin’ like that, came up outta every case with my crippin’ intact, she be lying to my face so I hit from the back…”

With some assistance from C. Blacksmith, “ROSE STREET” also sees a short clip that begins with an unknown individual speaking on our communities being marginalized and our children being set up with unfair obstacles early on in life. Viewers can then see a single panning shot of the ocean, which continues to move towards the shore and finally on Vince Staples looking out over the water.

Just before the release of “ROSE STREET,” Vince Staples took to social media to reveal the artwork for Ramona Park Broke My Heart, along with an accompanying message that explains the album’s concept:

“I am often told the lie that life is what you make it. For over a decade, most of my work has been an anthology of what I believed to be home. Now I’ve realized that it reaches beyond location. I have been exploring the utility of home. Security. Comfort. Meaning. The answer. The excuse. To outgrow is to love blindly no longer. Ramona Park Broke My Heart is the story of that growth.”

With that, press play on “ROSE STREET.”