In the early morning hours of March 28, rapper Rico Nasty used Instagram to alert followers that she had been physically assaulted by her boyfriend in a series of now-deleted posts.

“I can’t believe u just put your hands on me. And I didn’t even touch you,” the “Money” rapper says.

It appears as though the incident occurred because she wanted to check his phone as she posted, “So lemme get this straight U go through my phone for Yearsssss. I finally ask for yours and can’t see it.”

Before her posts are deleted, Rico insinuates that the man, simply referred to as “@DoDontSay_” has her password and will erase the posts by stating, “​​Lmaoaoaoaoaoa he probably about to log into my shit and delete this. I swear I hate my life.”

In an attempt to clear his name of any wrongdoing, the man then posts to his Instagram account, “If asking a woman repeatedly to leave you alone after she’s chased you around the room thrown shit at you, thrown her phone at your head, told you she’s gonna kill you, going towards your tv and computer threatening to break everything in site and after her not listening picking her up and putting her outside the room and locking the door counts as putting your hands on her then ok that’s what’s happened.”

To make sure that users know who he is referring to, the man specifically names Rico in his next post and states, “@riconasty You’ve painted a picture that i hit you last night and that’s a lie I didn’t put my hands on you You attacked me And i asked you to leave and you wouldn’t so i got you out my room and locked the door Your legit crazy! You posted that bullshit ass lie and deleted it seconds later because your cap You a liar and you fasho ain’t shit for this one Stop tryna trash my name bro That’s shit ain’t cool You can be mad all you want about the relationship but don’t label me a woman beater That’s not at all what it is.”

At this time it is not known if there are any injuries from this incident or if authorities have been alerted. We will hope for the safety of those involved in this situation as domestic violence — from the hands of a man or woman — is never okay.