50 Cent has offered an update in his quest to help put Mo’Nique “back on.” In an Instagram post on Tuesday evening (March 15), the Queens native said he spoke with Tyler Perry, whom Mo’Nique has accused of “blackballing” her in the past.

“I talk[ed] to Tyler today, he told me he never told anyone not to hire [Mo’Nique] and he is happy I decided to work with her,” 50 captioned the post.

The rap star also touched on the similar allegations Mo’Nique has made against Oprah Winfrey.

“He said he couldn’t speak for Oprah, but he is sure she is fine with Mo’Nique and has even brought her up for things Mo’Nique has no idea about,” 50 wrote. “I’m so happy for Mo right now! GreenLightGang. She Back.”

The post arrives after 50 called on Perry and Winfrey to apologize to the Oscar-winning comedian.

“I’m sure Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry would not want to continue to allow there [sic] influence to damage [Mo’Nique’s] career and this has went on for way to[o] long,” he wrote in a post earlier this week. “So now would be a great time to apologize because I’m gonna put her back on.”

So far, Mo’Nique hasn’t publicly commented on 50’s efforts to work with her.

As reported by REVOLT, the actress has long claimed that she has been shut out of the entertainment industry by Precious director Lee Daniels and producers Perry and Winfrey after she refused to travel for uncompensated press runs for the film.

After Will Smith publicly apologized to Janet Hubert, Mo’Nique requested a similar gesture from Perry.

“Perhaps Tyler Perry, who has admitted in private that he was wrong will follow suit & be man enough to apologize in public [like] he promised. We’ll work on Oprah & Lions Gate a little later,” she said at the time.

See 50’s latest post about the situation below.