Bktherula is back today (Mar. 4) with a special treat for fans. To kick off Women’s History Month, REVOLT exclusively premieres the rising Atlanta rapper’s brand new offering “Coupe/Keep da K,” a pair of intoxicating new songs accompanied by an equally trippy visual to match. The new release opens up with daydream-like scenery as her sleek and calm delivery on “Coupe” welcomes listeners into her world:

I’m in the coupe sipping Faygo, boo’d up with your side and your main ho/ We on the run in the top and you bang low, got shot up, giving halos/ You don’t fuck with me, why you saying ‘hey’ though? (Yeah), doubted a n***a, now I’m seeing fade slow

I want the cheese, n***a, fuck a brick, I wanna live in the Hills, n***a, fuck a bitch, I will not slip over, took a blick/ Was just talking shit, now they on my dick, getting too rich to be hitting licks, yeah, yeah, getting too rich to be hitting licks

“These songs are memories of being young and careless,” Bktherula shares with REVOLT. With the video, she aimed to bring fans back to a nostalgic chapter in their lives. “I wanted the visuals to be really raw and vulnerable and reminiscent of being a kid.”

Prior to this, Bktherula dropped off her dynamic LOVE BLACK project, which included 16 songs and a sole feature from Matt Ox. Luckily for fans, Bktherula is bringing her high energy, mosh-pitting performances soon to a city near you. Currently supporting Lil Tecca’s 40-city nationwide “Tecca Loves You Tour,” which kicked off in Grand Rapid, MI on February 25 and rolls through Atlanta on March 30. The last stop is on May 21 in Tampa, FL.

Be sure to press play on Bktherula’s brand new video for “Coupe/Keep da K” down below.