Despite the Black community’s contributions to the world, historically and presently, society continues to paint Black men as violent, uneducated and unconcerned with family.

In a new Discovery+ docuseries, “Profiled: The Black Man,” actor and singer-songwriter Tristan Wilds will bust many of those misconceptions. As reported by Deadline last month (Jan. 20), Tina Knowles-Lawson is on as executive producer for the project, which “examines the origins of the widespread stereotypes that have permeated society and impacted the lives of Black men in America for centuries.” Viewers can expect real-life testimony, historical footage, and commentary from the likes of Knowles-Lawson, DeRay Mckesson, Tamika Mallory, Sway Calloway, Billy Porter and more.

Specifically, the four-part series debunks the notion that Black men are dangerous, absent fathers who don’t cry or value Black women.

Now in an interview with TMZ, Wilds is opening up about hosting the recently premiered show.

“The reason that I got involved, it’s obvious. As a young Black man growing up in America we obviously are up against all of these stigmas that are constantly placed against us. I think, literally, just in the season that I’m in — just finishing doing ‘Thoughts of a Colored Man,’ the Broadway play that I was just doing, I had a certain mindset and a certain thing that I wanted to do for us as Black men,” Wilds explained.

“I wanted to be able to tell our stories and I think I’ve based my whole career around that,” the actor star said. “Telling our stories, making sure we don’t seem one-sided, that people understand that we aren’t a monolith. So, as soon as I got the call about ‘How would you feel about doing this? Do you think this would be dope?,’ I couldn’t say no, man.”

Wilds also talked about stigma and police harassment going hand-in-hand. TMZ notes that Knowles-Lawson is on a mission to educate white people, and her strategy as executive producer reflects that. “The strategy — don’t sell the show to a predominately Black network. Her reasoning is that white people are the ones who need education, so Discovery+ fits the bill. The Discover+ show,” the outlet states.

Catch new episodes of “Profiled: The Black Man” on Saturdays.