Another sporting event, another wager from Drake. With Super Bowl LVI just days away, the 6 God has a put considerable amount of digital money on the Los Angeles Rams and one of their star players.

In an Instagram post shared on Thursday (Feb. 10), the Toronto rapper shared screenshots of the bets he made on Bitcoin. He revealed that he bet $600,000 Canadian dollars that the Rams would beat the Cincinnati Bengals for the winning trophy. He has another $500,000 wager on Odell Beckham Jr. scoring a touchdown, and bet another half a million dollars that the football star will run over 62.5 receiving yards in the big game. In total, Drake has a $1.6 million wager on the big game. “All bets are in,” he captioned his post. If all goes in his favor, he can get as much as a $2.5 million payout after Sunday’s game (Feb. 13).

Drake‘s gambling habits have been well-documented in the last few months. In January, he won major bucks after accurately predicting what number a roulette wheel would land on. “And there it is! What did I say?! What did I fucking say?!” he said at the time.

Prior to that, the certified lover boy lost his wager to Quavo when he learned that the Alabama Crimson Tides weren’t victorious in their matchup against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Drake has also bet on basketball games, previously winning his wager against YK Osiris. Since the young star was unable to pay the $60,000 owed, he allowed him to pay it off with an impromptu performance of his song.

The Super Bowl will see an exciting competition between the Rams and Bengals as well as a hip-hop halftime event. As REVOLT previously reported, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem and Snoop Dogg will be shutting down Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium with an epic show.

See Drake’s post below.