Earlier this week, Jim Jones aired out representatives at an undisclosed Gucci store for neglecting him during a recent visit. The rapper and his entourage were on a luxurious shopping spree and decided to spend some coins on some new Gucci attire, but they were ignored by the stores’ employees despite attempts to get their attention. Jones claimed it was an act of racial profiling.

“Since we came here… nobody [has] shown us no courtesy, no amenities, no nothing. Period. Not even a drink of water,” the El Capo star said in a video. “I asked to speak to a manager. They sent out a Black guy who started telling me some bullshit. So they got the Black guy racially profiling on Black people. I asked to speak to a manager bigger than him. Everybody disappeared…”

News of Jones’ Gucci experience quickly spread, and fans of the star shared their reactions. Many suggested that he lend his support to Black designers and businesses instead of spending his money at high-end stores.

Jim Jones can take that 30 racks he was going to drop in Gucci and put on a Black luxury designer instead,” wrote one Twitter user. “I cannot believe Jim Jones is begging Gucci to attend to him and his crew during #BlackHistoryMonth,” added another. “He’s spending money in a racist designer company. Meanwhile, there are loads of Black designers. Go spend that $29K at the Black designers store, sir!”

With an abundance of unsolicited advice from social media users, Jones took to Instagram to set the record straight. He let fans know that he’s always been supportive of Black-owned brands and had even created an Instagram account to highlight highlights bags created by Black and Brown designers.

“Please miss me wit I need to support Black designers because if u really know me then u know Thts wht I’m about,” Jones captioned his recent drip report. “My preference is my preference and tht preference is fly drip. Tht has no color to me but when I do get some drip from a Black designer tht is some fly drip I get extra excited and can’t wait to talk about it on my platforms.”

“I love Black period don’t play urself #khaledvoiceanotherone,” he added.

See below for Jones’ post as well as reactions to his Gucci rant.