Brian Flores believes he was passed over for the Houston Texans head coach job as a result of his recent lawsuit against the NFL.

As reported by REVOLT, the former Miami Dolphins coach sued the league and three football teams earlier this month alleging discriminatory hiring practices. In a statement, Flores’ legal team claimed he was one of three finalists for the Houston coaching job and had a “great interview,” but was ultimately denied due to the ongoing lawsuit.

“We would be remiss not to mention that Mr. Flores was one of three finalists for the Texans’ head coach position and, after a great interview and mutual interest, it is obvious that the only reason Mr. Flores was not selected was his decision to stand up against racial inequality across the NFL,” his lawyers wrote in a statement.

Instead, the Texans hired Lovie Smith, former coach of the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although Flores did not get the role, he said he was “happy” to see the job go to Smith, who is a Black man.

“Mr. Flores is happy to hear that the Texans have hired a Black head coach, Lovie Smith, as Mr. Flores’ goal in bringing his case is to provide real opportunities for Black and minority candidates to be considered for coaching and executive positions within the NFL,” his lawyers’ statement read.

At a press conference introducing Smith as the team’s new head coach, Texans General Manager Nicholas Caserio was asked to respond to Flores’ claim.

“It was important for us to stay true to our process and kind of focus on the things that we were doing… things that are said externally or statements that are made,” he said. “My responsibility is to the Texans and that’s what it’s going to remain as long as I’m working here.”

After news of his hiring broke, Smith also released a statement about his new role.

“I understand the responsibility I have to this organization and this city to develop a championship-level program,” he said. “I’m ready to get to work and build it together.”