Prayers up for Mustard, who is recovering from minor injuries endured from a recent car crash. The mega-producer was struck by a drunk driver on Saturday night (Jan. 29), resulting in damages to his Black Cadillac Escalade. Taking to his Instagram Story the following day (Jan. 30), he informed fans of his involvement in the wreck, providing updated photos of his ruined vehicle.

“Last night, a drunk driver hit me and another car on the freeway slammed my car into the wall,” Mustard captioned one of the pictures. “All the airbags came out, totaled my truck. Shit felt like a movie smh I was able to walk away with minor injuries, no major injuries. Thank you, god.” He revealed that his bicycle was also smashed during the accident. “My trek bike was in the back,” the producer went on. “My shit was broke. I was more mad about that than my car man.”

No other information regarding the accident or the drunk driver was provided.

Minor setback aside, Mustard has been putting in work at the studio. On Friday (Jan. 28), “DFMU,” the song he produced for mentee Ella Mai released, marking her first single in two years. He met up with DJ Quick and teamed up with Roddy Ricch, creating a song that took a very short time to make. “me and @mustard vibe so crazy !! made one in 7 minutes,” the rapper tweeted, to which Mustard replied, “This shit really scary!”

With much success in the industry, working in Mustard’s studio comes with some regulations. In a list previously shared on his Instagram page, the beatmaker advised his collaborators against “negative nancy bullshit” and requested that they understand his accomplishments. “Be happy to even breathe the same air as a Grammy award-winning, 100 million record selling niggas like me,” he wrote.