Currently, MVSS is preparing to release his forthcoming EP Revolt, a project that’s said to be inspired by this country’s current generation. Having already liberated top tier singles like “Boss Man,” the DMV talent decided to keep his momentum with a new drop titled “Matrix,” which sees an assist from Swavor creative director Sir Shek. Taking inspiration from the iconic film of the same name, the collaboration sees the artists rapping about breaking out from with the control system:

“I’m breaking the codes, been making the mold, on how to behold, the leader in me, this Covid 19 shit only exposed, the real from the foes, it’s funny to me, think about how to make money for me, me and my fam, me and my kings, me and my fans, me and my queen, load up your bags, reload the Mac, pick a side, do or die, one of one, we survive…”

The accompanying visual for “Matrix” comes courtesy of Stewdio Visuals and Rod Reclusive, and shows the rappers delivering their message in their own version of the Matrix simulation. Via press release, MVSS explains further:

“I’m excited to share my pandemic records. Be able to express my perspectives before all of this, during this, and the future.”

Born and raised in the D.C. Metro area, MVSS also reveals that he’d spent a significant part of his upbringing in his family’s native home of Monrovia, Liberia — this was also where he first began his career as a recording artist:

“It was living overseas in high school where I put my first ever records on wax. Although I started writing as a kid, it was being home in Africa where I truly created from my awareness of society. Now, I can proudly say that’s what I stand on. Implementing reality, social awareness and diversity within the music.”

Press play on “Matrix” below.