Today (Jan. 14), Cordae unveiled his sophomore studio LP From A Bird’s Eye View, which contains 14 cuts and collaborations alongside Lil Wayne, H.E.R. Lil Durk, Eminem, Roddy Ricch, and more. Shortly after the album’s arrival, the DMV emcee dropped off a new video for “Today,” which features Gunna and sees production from Kid Culture — hardcore fans might remember tennis star and Cordae‘s girlfriend Naomi Osaka teasing the track on social media. All-in-all, the artists let listeners know that there’s too much at stake to loaf around:

“I remember them cold nights, ninth grade, Chief Keef first dropped ‘Don’t Like,’ why the time had to go by? Eatin’ free lunch at the school, used to roll dice, I remember I ain’t have shit, I was broke as fuck, put that shit in the past tense, check out my Jag’ tints, had to boss up, nigga can’t live averagе, how the fuck niggas still broke? Put it on my mеn, nigga, put it on my lil’ bros, need a Brazil ho, 2003, my cousin taught me how to heel toe, swear I ain’t dance since…”

Directed by Edgar Esteves and Geerten Harmens, the accompanying clip for “Today” sees Cordae reflecting on his and his family’s past struggles, with shots of his mother stressing over bills and Cordae working to create music in his bedroom studio. Gunna eventually joins his counterpart on a rooftop helicopter pad to deliver his rhymes.

From A Bird’s Eye View follows Cordae‘s critically acclaimed (and Grammy-nominated) debut album The Lost Boy, a 15-song body of work with contributions from Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, Pusha T, Arin Ray, Meek Mill, and Anderson .Paak, the last of whom appeared on the Gold-certified “RNP.”

Check out both Cordae and Gunna‘s “Today” video and a recent sit-down that Cordae did with “The Breakfast Club” below.