Rick Ross is a man of many talents. On Sunday night (Jan. 9), the rapper flexed his acting chops when he made his major television network acting debut on the CBS series, “The Equalizer.”

Taking to Instagram, he encouraged fans to tune into the show, teasing them with a clip of his scene. “Much love to the icon @queenlatifah for the opportunity. Check out my major tv network acting debut,” he penned the caption. In a later post, Ross asked fans to share their candid opinions about his appearance.

“So of course, last night, my acting debut, ‘The Equalizer.’ Salute to the director, the whole team, Queen Latifah, the whole squad, you know what I’m saying,” he said. “I need y’all to TiVo it, rewind it, whatever it is y’all do, and make sure y’all check it out so you can hit me up and let me know what you think. Let the directors know big boy doing big things.”

“The Equalizer” episode sees the Miami star take on the role of emcee Gregory “Dilemma” Blickman, who is serving time for a murder case. He engages in a stirring conversation with Detective Marcus Dante and Queen’s character Robyn McCall — who was hired to help him clear his name — and eventually sheds some tears. Per Ross’ request, fans of the entrepreneur took to social media to applaud him for his performance.

Rick Ross out here acting on ‘The Equalizer.’ I see those tears,” @SbettsStudios tweeted of his acting.

Rick Ross was on ‘The Equalizer’ last night,” added @LamarCoachT. “Did a great job. Hope he has more projects lined up.”

Twitter user @ICpa2013 said that the Teflon Don is “starting 2022 greatness early…in the acting game.”

Another supporter claimed that the episode with Ross made her to become a fan of the show.

“I watched that one episode of ‘The Equalizer’ with Rick Ross and now I rock with this show Queen Latifah is killing it too,” @STILLRay1 wrote.

Look at Rick Ross’ post below.