Dr. Dre stands to lost millions of dollars if the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show is canceled due to COVID-19, TMZ reports. According to the outlet, rising Omicron cases in Los Angeles threaten to shut down the SoFi Stadium-set performance, which is slated to feature Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige.

The N.W.A. co-founder footed the majority of the bill for the large-scale production, meaning he has the most to lose if the show is ultimately canceled. According to TMZ, Dre did purchase Event Cancellation Insurance that will cover his losses if, for specific reasons, the show has to be canceled. However, the insurance doesn’t cover any COVID-19-related cancelations because the virus is listed on the Communicable Disease Exemption provision.

So far, Super Bowl LVI is expected to kick off as planned. The NFL previously stated that if the game can’t take place at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium due to Coronavirus concerns, the match may be moved to AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas.

During a recent appearance on Eli and Peyton Manning’s “Monday Night Football,” Snoop Dogg explained how excited he is for the upcoming performance.

“We so thankful that the NFL is accepting hip hop on stage and letting us do what we do,” Snoop said on the broadcast. “We plan on putting together a great show to give the people something that they been waiting on.”

“You know, they love to watch a Super Bowl game but at the same time at halftime, we be loving to see who’s going to perform,” he continued. “So, we’re going to give you the greatest performance you’ve ever seen hip hop history.”

Back in October, Snoop credited JAY-Z for putting the halftime show together.

“He moves his hands mysteriously behind the scenes and he does a lot of great things for people,” he said at the time. “And I wanna give him a shoutout for fighting for Dr. Dre because I know that’s a part of my legacy that he fought for.”