Roddy Ricch’s disappointment with past Grammy nominations led to a conversation with the Recording Academy.

During his appearance on Kevin Durant‘s “ETC” podcast, the “Live Life Fast” rapper discussed the comradery between the emcees in his generation. While praising his fellow artists, he revealed that he once confronted members of the academy for snubbing Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert.

“I feel like it’s more for sure more a collaboration because we run into each other more,” Roddy Ricch explained. “But I feel like everybody got their own lane, everybody got their thing they do, you know what I’m saying? Uzi is like, like when I was talking to the Grammys, ‘Y’all ain’t nominate Uzi for [Best Rap Album],’ I was tripping on them.”

“Even like Lil Baby, y’all ain’t nominate Lil Baby?” he went on. “Like I’m tripping, cause it’s like everybody got their own lane, and it should be spoken about, talked about more because I feel like the niggas now that’s doing shit like, no disrespect, we really breaking barriers.”

While Roddy Ricch admits he was upset about his peers being snubbed, he knows not to base value and accomplishments on Grammy losses. After landing six nominations at the 2021 show, he went home with no award but remained confident in his art.

“I look at it like art class. Like if you tell someone to draw this or they draw something and the teacher look at it and say, ‘Man that’s an F.’ I never got an F in art. You can scribble some shit on a paper and get an A because it’s art,” the “Late at Night” emcee told Big Boy after his loss. “It’s whatever you interpret it as. I ain’t never going to let nobody grade me. I’m always going to look at art like it’s an A+ every time you put it out because it’s art.”

Still, however, he believes that Grammy accolades should be celebrated.

See Roddy Ricch’s appearance on the “ETC” podcast below.