ABC’s brand new hip-hop musical series Queens premiered last month, which sees Eve, Brandy, Naturi Naughton, and Nadine Velazquez become the fictional group Nasty Bitches, a hip-hop group from the 90’s who reunite for a second chance at fame. To date, we’ve received quite a few visuals for fans to enjoy, including “Nasty Girl,” “The Introduction” “Hear Me,” “Wrecking Ball,” and “Heart of Queens,” a collaboration with rapper and costar Cam’ron.

Today (Nov. 17), the Queens cast presents the latest official visual from the show. In the freshly released “I’m That Chick,” Pepi Sonuga exudes confidence as she comes in an disrupts a fancy dinner with her own explosive flavor:

I’m the chick to wanna party I’m the chick to pull up right beside you in a ‘Rarri/ I’m the chick to speak like you beneath me ‘cause I’m godly/ Type of chick that gotta’ count so much green it’s like wasabi Konichiwa! You can’t handle me I’m a fan of anime/ Your fan, is a fan of me (Do we high?)

I’m that chick, that fly, that rich, that high, that slick, that girl, that’s it, that’s all/ I’m the prettiest women you ever have seen in your life (I’m that chick)/ They get in my business but never could seem to get right (I’m that chick)

Created by Zahir McGee, all the original music in Queens is performed by the show’s stars at the direction of executive producer Swizz Beatz. In terms of the show’s storyline, after their popularity skyrocketed with the success of their chart-topping single, the aforementioned “Nasty Girl,” they were once regarded as one of the greatest girl groups of their generation. Despite critical and commercial success, the group was plagued by internal conflict and jealousy.

Be sure to press play on the new “I’m That Chick” video down below.