Reverend Jesse Jackson was hospitalized after falling and hitting his head while attending a meeting at Howard University in Washington, D.C. on Monday (Nov. 1).

According to CNN, the civil rights leader was at the historic Black university to meet with Wayne A.I. Frederick, Howard’s president, to address the students’ concerns about their poor living conditions in the residential halls, which include black mold, rodents and roaches. “When Rev. Jackson entered a building on campus, he fell and hit his head,” read a statement from Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition. “His staff took him to the Howard University Hospital where various tests were run including a CT scan. The results came back normal. However, hospital officials decided to keep Rev. Jackson overnight for observation.”

Howard University’s official Twitter account verified the news on social media. “We can confirm that Rev. Jackson was taken to the hospital by a university administrator and was later joined by Dr. Wayne Frederick. Our prayers are with the Jackson family,” the school tweeted.

Sanita Jackson, one of Jackson’s daughters, tweeted that her father is now “resting comfortably and doing well.”

The fall marks the latest of recent health concerns for the 80-year-old. Earlier this year, Rev. Jackson also underwent successful gallbladder surgery after being hospitalized for abdominal discomfort. He has lived with Parkinson’s disease since 2017.

Back in August, he and his wife Jacqueline were both hospitalized at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago after testing positive for COVID-19. However, the Reverend and his wife were both vaccinated.

During his 80th birthday party last month, Jackson praised the vaccine and encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. “I could not walk nor talk for three weeks,” he said. “I went to rehab so I could learn how to walk or talk again. You need to know that, God, the shots matter.”

The REVOLT team is wishing Rev. Jackson has a speedy recovery.