This Friday (Oct. 29), Mick Jenkins will unleash his brand new album Elephant In The Room. The forthcoming body of work is his 3rd studio album, and we’ve already been able to enjoy a few singles from it including “Truffles” and “Contacts.” The latest offering arrived over the weekend: a new single titled “Scottie Pippen.” On the track, Mick Jenkins pays homage to the basketball legend through his wordplay:

I was trippin’ I was definitely trippin’ now that I think about it/ Number two, I was Pippen, no matter how hard I shoot, I’ll never win it all, on my own, yeah, without you (Without you) It’s the same thing for me/ I was trippin’

I was just used to that shit it’s like suicides after practice, I was conditioned this way, you a brand new conditioner/ I didn’t realize that I was auditionin’ though, bring all of your inhibitions this way/ Don’t tell me no lies, I’m learnin’, I’m listenin’, huh, you should recognize a n***a is different this way/ Less randomized, and way more intentional now

Mick Jenkins fans know he is often very intentional with his cover art, and recently the rapper took to Instagram to delve a little deeper into the painting he commissioned for the Elephant In The Room cover. “Even before I knew [Ferrari Sheppard], I felt he had unconventional perspectives that I questioned, explored, and sometimes disagreed with. To watch him transition from the written word and display more of those perspectives through painting has really beeen a joy. His shared perspectives on my music via articles and conversation have always been pretty accurate. Now one of his paintings is a window into my story.”

Earlier this year, Mick Jenkins dropped off his attention-garnering “Truffles” music video, where fans can see an eerie plotline unfold. So far this year, we’ve heard a slew of features from Jenkins. These tracks include “SUPER8” with CANCEL CULTURE and Meltycanon, “Kill Me” with Daichi Yamamoto, “Teriyaki” with Nate Husser, “Sleep” with Markis Precise, “Don’t Need You (Remix)” with Genesis Owusu, and “royal flush” with LOONY.

Be sure to press play on Mick Jenkins’ brand new single “Scottie Pippen.”