Boosie thinks there is currently only one artist worthy of being compared to the King of Pop: Chris Brown. The rapper recently sat down with DJ Vlad to chop it up on the latest in hip hop culture. During their conversation, he chimed in on last month’s Drake vs. Michael Jackson debate.

“It’s a difference because what if Michael Jackson had social media? What if Michael Jackson had streaming? The motherfuckers would be streamed in Pluto!” he told Vlad. “You can’t compare these two; they not making the same music. This is Quincy Jones. Ain’t no raps on that shit.”

While he believes that “nobody compares to Drake as far as hits,” he noted that there is a “difference” between the certified lover boy and the late pop star. “Drake come out there and he play his music and everybody just go crazy,” he explained. “Michael Jackson come out there and breathe.” In his opinion, Brown’s talent and stage performances come close to an MJ experience.

“Chris Brown a bad motherfucker,” said the “Wipe Me Down” emcee. “That’s the closest thing to Michael Jackson! You can’t compare Drake to no motherfucking Michael Jackson. You gotta compare Chris Brown. Boy, that’s a bad motherfucker! I saw that nigga come down on the stream!”

“I ain’t see Michael Jackson, but I saw CB,” he continued. “And I saw the same thing I saw on the shit I be watching if I watch Michael Jackson: girls passing out. I seen ’em with my own motherfucking eyes.” The compliment was later met with a message of gratitude from Brown himself.

“Appreciate the love MY BROTHER,” Breezy penned alongside a clip of Boosie’s interview. “I’m thankful I was able to witness MJ’s greatness, and HE inspired me to be CHRIS BROWN.”

Watch Boosie make the Chris Brown/Michael Jackson comparison below. Brown’s response can also be found below.