Kid Cudi says he’s a “complete mess” after the death of his dog Freshie
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Kid Cudi says he’s a “complete mess” after the death of his dog Freshie
The rapper and his fans mourned the loss of his beloved pet.

Kid Cudi is mourning the loss of his beloved pet dog. The Cleveland native sadly took to Twitter on Tuesday morning (Aug. 24) to let fans know that his dog of 11 years, Freshie, passed away earlier this week.

“I got some sad news for y’all,” Cudi wrote. “Freshie is gone. He left us a few days ago peacefully at home surrounded by people that love him, his family. I held his hand and whispered in his ear to let him know I was there while he slipped away. I told him he was a special boy, my best friend, and that he was perfect and that I loved him so much.”

Cudi got Freshie in 2010. At the time, the rapper/actor was cast in “How To Make It in America” as Domingo Brown, who began walking dogs in the show’s second season. Feeling “truly nervous around dogs,” Cudi decided to get one as a pet to help him feel more comfortable onset.

“It worked,” he wrote in the tweet. “But at the time, I had no idea I would have a such a best friend in my life. He’s been here for 11 years and my life has been one hell of a rollercoaster this whole time. Freshie was with me through it all every day. He loved me. He really did.”

“I am a complete mess. I cry at random moments of the day. I think of him when I wake up,” Cudi added in the heartfelt post. “… I’ll miss u every day for as long as [I] live.”

In the tweet’s comments, fans sent words of encouragement to Cudi and described their own experiences losing beloved pets. Throughout the morning, the 37-year-old continued to share pictures and videos of his dog. In one tweet, Cudi revealed that Freshie was at his home studio with him when he recorded Man on the Moon III: The Chosen and the “new stuff I’ve been cooking.”

“The last song I did w him in the studio is called FRESHIE and I can’t wait for u to hear,” Cudi wrote. See his tweets about Freshie below.