The Game cosigns Anderson .Paak’s dying wish, reveals exceptions for posthumous project
Photo: AFP via Getty Images
The Game cosigns Anderson .Paak’s dying wish, reveals exceptions for posthumous project
Anderson .Paak previously requested that no one release a posthumous album when he passes away.

Anderson .Paak is not the only artist who is against the makings of posthumous albums. While discussing .Paak’s after-death wishes, The Game praised his friend’s decision while revealing that he is also opposed to releasing a project in the wake of a late artist’s passing.

“I’ve seen the tat… I love it,” The Game said during an interview with TMZ. “No. 1, you gotta respect his artistry. You gotta respect everyone’s artistry. Anderson is like my brother, and when I read it, I thought it was dope. I think I’m in agreeance with that, man. I don’t want my shit out either.

“‘Cause people always fuck the vision up, bro. If you not here, how could they finish it for you?”

The West Cost emcee then noted that Biggie’s Life After Death is an exception to the underwhelming posthumous projects as Diddy worked on the album, adding that Puff is one of two people he’d trust to release any records in his absence. “If it’s not Puff or Dre, don’t touch my shit bro,” he said. He also said that he has no intentions to mark his dying wishes with a tattoo.

“But I think what Anderson did, I think it’s dope… I’m in agreeance,” The Game went on. “But I got a little bit of difference in opinion because I would let only certain souls go ahead and do that.”

The Game’s comments were a direct reaction to a tattoo .Paak recently got of his dying wish. One week ago, on Aug. 16, the “Leave the Door Open” singer posted a picture of his new art, which read, “When I’m gone, please don’t release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached. Those were just demos and never intended to be heard by the public.”

See The Game’s interview with TMZ below.