As disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly awaits an August trial date, federal prosecutors want the judge to admit additional evidence of more alleged, uncharged crimes Kelly may have committed.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting sexual abuse of teenage girls and women circa 1991, alleged abuse of a teenage boy, physical abuse, plus hush payments and bribery are all on the list of crimes Kelly is not currently being charged for. The court documents prosecutors handed in Friday (July 23) includes 20 Jane Does and two John Does, The Chicago Tribune reports.

The 55-page motion reportedly discloses a sexual relationship Kelly had with a 17-year-old boy he met at a Chicago McDonalds. That interaction began in December 2006, prosecutors allege, while the teen was also told by Kelly to engage in sexual acts with other people as well. The boy, referred to as John Doe No. 1 in the documents, is believed to have introduced Kelly to a second teenage boy — John Doe No. 2.

Kelly allegedly attempted to have a sexual relationship with him as well. However, it reportedly took some years for the 3x Grammy Award winner to begin having sex with John Doe No. 2. Similar to the account given by John Doe No. 1, the second John Doe reportedly was also forced to engage in sexual acts with Kelly’s girlfriends and other individuals. These acts were often filmed by Kelly for his enjoyment, prosecutors say.

Prosecutors aren’t stopping there. They also allege that sometime around 1994, Kelly had one of his associates pay an Illinois state employee $500 to create a fake ID for Aaliyah, who was 15 years old at the time. The fake ID was created so Kelly — who was 27 years old — could marry Aaliyah. The two wed on Aug. 31, 1994, but the marriage was annulled quickly after Aaliyah told her parents.

The “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number” songwriter has been in custody since his arrest in July, 2019. He is facing racketeering charges from six alleged victims accusing him of running a criminal enterprise that recruited women and underage girls for illegal sexual activity. His New York trial is slated to begin on Aug. 9