The New Jersey man who was arrested following his rant at a Black neighbor may be making his return home soon. According to TMZ, Edward Cagney Mathews’ bail hearing will take place on Tuesday (July 13), so authorities are preparing for his possible release.

As part of the “beefed-up security plan” by the Essex Place Community HOA, police will survey the block and monitor Mathews’ home 24/7 to ensure that he’s protected and to keep things from escalating as they did amid his arrest.

As REVOLT previously reported, Mathews was captured hurling racial slurs at a Black resident in his Mount Laurel neighborhood.

In footage of the incident, he threatened the neighbor saying, “Come fucking see me” before addressing him as a “monkey.”

Authorities who responded to the incident issued him a summons on harassment, assault and bias intimidation charges instead of arresting him, but the news was met with anger and frustration. Following his release, demonstrators, including residents who claimed they were previously targeted by the white man, gathered around his home to protest his freedom, which lasted only for a short time.

As the group of people stood outside his residence, officers arrived at the scene and placed him in handcuffs. While escorting him to the police car, the protestors threw objects and liquids at him and cheered in excitement.

Mathews’ arrest, prosecutors explained, came after complaints that he harassed at least 10 other neighbors based off their skin color. Following an independent investigation into the ongoing claims of his racist harassment, they determined that they would bring new charges against him. The white man now additionally faces two counts of criminal mischief, drug paraphernalia charges and charges of possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, possession and intent to distribute a controlled, dangerous substance, stalking and unlawful possession of a weapon.