If you were, for whatever reason, ever wondering about Lil Wayne’s favorite sex position, you now have your answer, and it’s all thanks to Nicki Minaj.

During an Instagram Live session from last night (July 8), Weezy disclosed his favorite position during a conversation with Nicki, who jumped onto IG to announce her guest appearance on Bia’s “Whole Lotta Money (Remix). Nicki prefaces her question with some background.

“When I used to be around in the past, you was like, really like, having a lot of sex,” begins the Queen artist. “What is your favorite position?”

From there, Weezy provides a response that serves as both an answer and a mantra for his lifestyle. “On top,” he replies. “In any part of life, period. Not just the bedroom, just, on top.”

Naturally, this moment went viral within a few hours. For her part, Weezy’s daughter Reginae can be seen leaving a comment that reads, “I’m logging off” the moment it unfolds. No one should blame here.

Nicki’s conversation with Wayne happened right before the release of Bia’s “Whole Lotta Money (Remix),” a track that features a standout guest spot from Nicki, who hasn’t dropped a project since 2018. For the track, Nicki flaunts her customary braggadocious bars.

“‘Cause if you run up/I guarantee you ain’t gon’ leave looking done up/Some likkle Chinese bangs with the bun up/I got the crown, lil’ bitch, you just a run’ up,” she raps on the track.

While Nicki has been pretty mum about a new album, it seems like she’s in peak form, and IG Live sessions like the one she just had point toward her being in promo mode. Fans will just have to keep an eye out for more announcements from Nicki to find out.

In any case, watch Nicki Minaj ask Lil Wayne about his favorite sex position for yourself below.