Wale will be taking some time off from social media to tend to his health. On Wednesday (July 7), the “On Chill” emcee took to Instagram to announce that he’s been under the weather for the past few days.

“I am out of commission. I been extremely sick since Saturday,” he wrote on his Instagram Story. “I’ve missed many calls and texts…Thank you to everybody who called wit genuine concern. I ain’t sure how long I’ll be down, but this shit ain’t slight…Soon as I can come back strong, I’ll be back strong. As for now, management will run my socials. Much love, see y’all soon.”

Wale is sporadically active on social media, reserving most posts for his food takes, random opinions and music releases. His most recent emergence came last month in the days before he dropped his single “Angles,” which features his friend and collaborator Chris Brown.

During that time, he promoted the new song and interacted with fans on Twitter. On one occasion, he boasted about his musical prowess and revealed that Folarin 2 — the sequel to his 2012 Folarin mixtape — will be coming out this summer.

“I understand you may feel how you feel for whatever somebody told you…but I just wanna reiterate that I’m one of the greatest of all time,” he penned in a tweet. “Catalog. Consistency. Influence. Longevity. DMV. With that said “#Folarin2” this summer.”

Following the release of “Angles” and its accompanying visual, Wale disclosed that his time was on social media was nearing its end due to the track’s performance.

“Oh I’m goin back into hiding… Twitter was fun,” he tweeted. “‘Angles’ doin what needs to be done.” The following day, the “Lotus Flower Bomb” star confirmed his temporary departure from the social media platform. “Twitter was fun…” he wrote. “Goin back to what I was doin for a minute … stream ‘Angles.’”

See Wale’s recent social media posts below.