Jack Harlow and Saweetie have become the latest trending topics on Twitter, and it stems from an interaction they shared just a couple of days ago.

During the red carpet entry part of the BET Awards 2021 on Sunday (June 27), Harlow pulled up on Saweetie and appeared to shoot his shot at the Warner Records artist, who dated Quavo until they split earlier this year. As Saweetie spoke to a reporter for an interview, Harlow took her by the hand and introduced himself. “I’m Jack,” Harlow said in the moment, to which Saweetie responded with, “I know.”

From there, they got into a friendly back-and-forth that saw Saweetie, who collaborated with Harlow for her “Tap In” remix last year, ask the “What’s Poppin” rapper why he’s shaking. After that, Harlow quickly responded by placing his hand on top of Saweetie’s. Displaying an unaffected cool, he replied, “Who’s shaking?”

Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about the moment, with some commenting on how cute they think the two could be as a couple and others speaking out on whether it was Harlow or Saweetie who was actually nervous.

“Saweetie said Jack Harlow was shaking but in actuality sis was the one that was SHOOK,” wrote one Twitter user. “This is so funny Saweetie really had Jack Harlow nervous,” wrote another.

Many folks posted video of Saweetie and Harlow’s interaction at the awards show, but others uploaded a photo of the two staring at one another as they walked on the red carpet. Of course, that led people to comment on Harlow’s facial expression.

“Jack Harlow looking at Saweetie like 11 McDonald’s nuggets in a box of 10,” wrote one Twitter user.

Those are some of the tweets, but there are a whole lot more where those came from. See more reactions to Saweetie and Harlow’s interaction for yourself below.