For the past few months, T-Pain has been revealing quite a bit to his fans from a personal aspect — from missing out on possible collaborations to being told he single-handedly killed music. Thankfully, much of these revelations have triggered an outpouring of support for the Auto-Tune innovator, which many felt would lead to new music sooner than later.

Fast forward to last month, when T-Pain and Kehlani connected on the infectious single “I Like Dat,” which samples the Floridian star’s classic Epiphany cut “Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’).” The track is more or less a celebration of independent, confident women, something that everyone can certainly get behind:

“She don’t want drinks no more if you ain’t bringin’ no dough to the table, ooh, you know that your bank account big, come back on a weekend, you ain’t able, ooh-ooh, she gon’ be like, ‘I got it,’ pull a thousand dollars out her side pocket, ooh that lil’ bit of drank you tried to buy, stop it, bottles on me, the cork look like a skyrocket, pop it…”

Directed by Christian Breslauer, the accompanying clip for “I Like Dat” sees the artists in the Wild West era, beginning with T-Pain rolling into a town to sell his “drank” to the curious townspeople. With the help of Kehlani, Pain convinces the men there that said product will attract women (or something of the like), which quickly proves lucrative. After a saloon performance by the collaborators, T-Pain and Kehlani abruptly end the rouse and escape town with his newly-acquired spoils.

Prior to “I Like Dat,” T-Pain teamed up with Chris Brown for “Wake Up Dead” and addressed civil unrest with “Wake Up” back in 2020 — the same year also saw him take part in an early “Verzuz” matchup with Lil Jon. His sixth and last official LP 1UP made landfall in 2019.

Enjoy T-Pain and Kehlani’s “I Like Dat” video below.

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